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“Le Dernier Voyage” or “The Last Voyage” is my 3rd short fiction. This is a project I have been working on for more than 5 years. A lot of time has been spent writing, rewriting, looking for partners… and at the same time working my day job making promotional short films and taking care of a growing family.

But the quest to accomplish this artistic project pushes me to dive in and I have committed to doing it. It has begun. My thanks to my family and to my professional companions, who motivate me and accompany me.
“Le Dernier Voyage” is an essential step for me to progress in what inspires me and makes me feel alive: telling stories.

And other stories will follow! This film will not be my last voyage.


After the tragic death of Nicholas, a charismatic father, and the arrival of a new companion, 46-year-old mother, Eva, and her 12-year-old daughter, Snow, confront each other between lies and revelations, to look for meaning in their family, to mourn. And finally to heal their relationship, at the expense of Simon, the newcomer whose intentions seem more and more dubious …









STEP I :The filming process

Well, we did it! 6 full days of filming, 8 days including a day for set-up and another for breakdown. 19 people for cast and crew, 3 to 4 supporters who came to the set each day, plus our great extras… In all 35 people came together to share these intense few days.

It was a “roommate” shoot … In other words, all of us lived together in close quarters for 6 days. And it changes everything: the personal involvement, concentration, exchanges over breakfast, conviviality … And the festive sharing! Starting each day at 6:30am and filming till 7pm, sometimes later…

As with many film shoots, we did not all know each other at the beginning. Each member of the team was carefully chosen by the director. For a short film where each person gives of themselves without necessarily being remunerated as usual, each member of the team is essential.

There was total harmony, in front of and behind the camera. Everyone was on the same page, in tune. All focused on the same objective, on bringing a story to life, on the film.

The filming locations were magical. Add to that good weather, at least until mid-week, then a little capricious… but amazingly in step with our filming schedule!

We shot 37 sequences, about 140 shots … so about 22 shots per day.

To tell the truth, we could have used one more day of filming, but this is the challenge and the risk of this type of project and we had to optimize every shot. It’s not for nothing that a film shoot can be called a “second rewrite!”

A word about my actors and I should have started with this: They were remarkable. The subject is not easy, Deborah Grall and Celya Ansaldo (her first role) were able to bond and keep this restraint which seemed to me indispensable. As for Alexandre Gillet, he was perfect in his role of a smooth character beyond reproach. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for bringing the characters to life. Their professionalism plays a vital role in the quality of this film.

STEP II :Postproduction


This is the “third rewrite” after writing the script then filming. Sorting through the rushes, the first “draft” then putting the sequences in order and adding sound, music and calibration of color and lighting. In addition to the director, two professionals work on the editing: Jean-Christophe Bousy and Patrick Noël. The final cut should be done towards the end of March 2020.

2D Animation

At the heart of the story there is a dream sequence with Snow with 25 seconds of animation. Juan Antin, director of “Pachamama,” an animated film nominated for a César in 2019, heads the project. Expected to be completed in January 2020.


A major ingredient of this film, the soundtrack (voice, sound effects, atmosphere) is provided by Marc-Antoine Beldent, sound engineer who won a César in 2002 for “Sur mes lèvres” by Jacques Audiard and nominated for “Guillaume et les garçons à table.”

Original Music

Young composer of music for films, Marc Hazart is already working on the music of this short film. Marc has already composed the music for “Un roi et son people, “Fatchamama,” and numerous documentaries. The original music will be ready most likely in February 2020.

Luc Plissonneau-Duquène was born in Bordeaux, France and spent a part of his youth in the Languedoc region. Very young, he immersed himself in different artistic worlds of drawing, painting and music. While pursuing a masters in law and Marketing, he continued his personal work in graphic design (comics) and writing. He also has a career in the wine industry.

In 2007, he decided to bring his two passions together: that of artistic work and the world of wine. He and his wife, Jana, founded their own communication and film production company. develops many film projects under the production company “MakeMyDay,” for clients and for his personal projects.
In 2008, Luc Plissonneau made his first short film “Le Fil Rouge.”

In 2012, he wrote, produced and directed his second short film “The Hands” with the participation of pianist Ivan Ilic. It enjoyed success with its audience and at festivals.
In between shooting short films and documentaries for a growing clientele, he is preparing his third short fiction film “The Last Voyage” which is the subject of this page.

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